A collection of some of the things I've built or done. If you want to take a look at my full resume, shoot me an E-mail.


A tiny 280 byte library for recurring Promises.


My Decades for Spotify

My Decades allows you to see the distribution of your linked songs over the decades of music. Are you an 80s fan, 2020s kid or do you enjoy the 60s the most? Find out by signing in with Spotify.

Airdata University Project

This web app uses sensor data from the open source project to predict particulate matter development for Germany. The project was implemented as part of the of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hamburg.

Discogs Client

A JavaScript client for the Discogs API available for browsers and node (ESM+CommonJS).


0-1 knapsack with an additional constraint of maximum number of items used.

Discogs: Add All browser extension for Chrome and Firefox

This extension allows you to easily add all versions of a certain format (LP, CD, Cassette or 12") to your Discogs wantlist. You will find extra buttons on the top right on any release page, below the "Add all to Wantlist" button.